The Global Debt Trap:

How to Escape the Danger and Build a Fortune

German bestseller about the best ways to protect oneself financially from the threats posed by government's interference in the economy

"This is among the most valuable and insightful works on the financial crisis and its ultimate consequences ever published. If you want to protect and grow your wealth even in the worst of times, heed the authors' warnings and seriously consider their recommendations.”“

Martin D. Weiss, New York Times bestselling author

„Claus Vogt, who predicted the current crisis in his 2004 book, Das Greenspan Dossier, describes the current situation as a dance on the volcano. The government stimulus programs ignited a straw fire, which might last a bit longer, maybe until mid-2010. But after that, according to Vogt, the day of reckoning looms.“
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Must read if you want to understand what is going on

After the bursting of the real estate bubble, the U.S. pushed a monetary and fiscal policy that is, at best, blatantly wrong and, at worst, carries enormous financial risk. And because Washington knows this, America's greatest weapon-its propaganda machine-has been called into service, diverting attention away from the fact that it was and continues to be government interference in the market economy that's lead us to where we are now, namely at the end of one financial calamity and the beginning of yet another. A plea for the market economy, The Global Debt Trap: How to Escape the Danger and Build a Fortune details the cause of our current economic crisis and argues that political mismanagement endangers finances, health and, in extreme cases, democracy itself.

  • Advocates the freedom of the individual and the capitalist economic system derived from it
  • Foreword by Martin Weiss, bestselling author of The Ultimate Depression Survival Guide, by Wiley
  • Other titles by Leuschel and Vogt: The Greenspan Dossier

Every crisis offers opportunities for those who have prepared. The Global Debt Trap: How to Escape the Danger and Build a Fortune shows how to prepare for the aftermath of years of government interference in the market economy.

The coming debt implosion, money printing in detail

In their 2004 German bestseller, Das Greenspan Dossier, the authors exposed, in great detail, how the monetary policies pursued by the former Fed chairman created an unprecedented real estate bubble. They showed how the bubble would inevitably collapse. And they predicted how that collapse would lead to a series of financial disasters of unthinkable dimensions. Now, they explain how the "cure" for the 2008 debt crisis that major sovereign governments have pursued-massive bailouts-will prove to be far worse than the disease. They explain how it has led to a new crisis, this time in the debts of the sovereign governments themselves.

History to repeat itself

Most importantly, they tell investors precisely what they must do to protect themselves and how they can turn the next, most shocking phase of this crisis into a major wealth-building opportunity.

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Roland Leuschel/Claus Vogt, "The Global Debt Trap: How to Escape the Danger and Build a Fortune", Januar 2011, 240 pages, 29,90 $, ISBN: 978-1-118-01091-4, Publishing House: Wiley.

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