About the authors

Claus Vogt und Roland Leuschel

Claus Vogt
After obtaining a degree in Business Administration in Frankfurt, Claus Vogt's career led him to Merrill Lynch, one of the largest brokerage firms in the world back then, and to HSBC, where he was a financial analyst for the banking sector. In the year 2000, he joined a small German private bank as the Head of Research. In 2010, he co-founded an independent asset management firm. He sold his stakes at the end of 2014 in order to devote even more of himself strongly to his German stock market newsletter “Krisensicher Investieren”.

In collaboration with Roland Leuschel, Vogt wrote the bestseller "The Global Debt Trap" (2009) and "The Greenspan-Dossier" (1st edition 2003). Investors who had read "The Greenspan-Dossier" were perfectly prepared for the real estate slump and the associated financial and banking crisis that occurred in the year 2008, which were predicted very precisely and comprehensibly
in this forward-looking book, which is still worth a read today.

Among gold investors, Vogt is known because he predicted the beginning of a long-term bull market in gold in 2001.

Roland Leuschel
Roland Leuschel is former Chief Strategist and Director of the second most important Belgian bank, Banque Bruxelles Lambert. In the 1960s, Leuschel was a financial analyst at EIRB, the first European economic and stock market research company founded by the Rothschilds, which examined European equities on a broad basis.

Roland Leuschel studied Industrial Engineering at the TU Karlsruhe and Economics at the FU Berlin. His reputation as a "crash prophet" was established in 1987 and 2000, when he predicted the worldwide stock market slumps very precisely.

 In 1986 he coauthored the European editions (German, Dutch, and French) of the book “The American Idea” with the American politician Jack F. Kemp, whom he also advised as an economist. Kemp is famous for the Kemp-Roth bill, which became the basis of Ronald Reagan’s tax reform.

Leuschel was a sought-after columnist on financial topics (e.g. for the Wall Street Journal) and a popular interview partner who still offers a refreshing contrast with his assessments and forecasts to the analyses of the major banks.