About Krisensicher Investieren

Critically, independent and successful

Together with Roland Leuschel, Claus Vogt is editor-in-chief of the German financial publication Krisensicher Investieren (www.krisensicherinvestieren.com), a critical and independent publication that serves its readers as a guide to the upcoming turbulent times and protects and increases their capital with concrete investments.

Claus Vogt and Roland Leuschel are independent and absolutely honest. The two uncomfortable and critical top analysts Vogt and Leuschel have already proclaimed the gold boom in 2001 at rock-bottom prices of $ 260,

  • earned up to 18.2 % for their investors when the DAX lost almost 50 % in 2008,
  • are known from television and radio, their opinions are in demand, among others on n-tv, CNBC and AktionärTV,
  • warned in good time of the stock market crashes of 1987, 2000 and 2008,
  • are authors of the international bestsellers "The Greenspan Dossier" and "The global dept trap".

From now on, Vogt and Leuschel will help you every month with careful and trend-setting analyses of the financial and precious metal markets,

  • the latest findings from financial history,
  • concrete and crisis-proof investment recommendations in strategy portfolios that can be tracked at any time,
  • valuable background knowledge for the protection of your assets, which you will not find in other publications,
  • weekly free updates by e-mail and once a quarter an exciting issue on a specific topic

Roland Leuschel and Claus Vogt have achieved profits like these in the last 5 years with a wide range of different asset classes for Krisensicher Investieren readers:

  • +30.19% with a short certificate on Goldman Sachs
  • +118.4% with Pan American Silver
  • +51.3% with a short certificate on the DAX
  • +45.3% with Nova Gold
  • +24.2% with the appreciation of the Swiss franc
  • +12.9% with Evonik Industries
  • +30.8% with New Gold
  • +37.7% with Lake Shore Gold
  • +124.4% with Gold Fields
  • +23.8% with a USD/JPY short certificate
  • +47.1% with Impala Platinum
  • +40.9% with Freeport McMoRan
  • +88,5% with Newmont Mining
  • +23.8% with a hedge fund
  • +12.6% with a pension fund
  • +14.1% with a crude oil certificate

and very up to date:

  • +34.2% with a Gold Mine ETF
  • +101.9% with Pan American Silver
  • +15.1% with ExxonMobil
  • +12.1% with E.ON
  • +18.3% with a Russia ETF
  • +14,2% with the Turkish Lira
  • +15.6% with the German Real Estate ETI
  • +9.1% with a corn ETC
  • +23% with a short on Tesla
  • +16.4% with Conoco Phillips.
  • +50,0% with Agnico Eagle
  • +20,4% with Suzuki Motors
  • +27.9% with Électricité de France
  • +36.1% with Anglo American Platinum
  • +40.0% with a short on Lanxess

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